Puerto Rican Day Parade 2024: A Vibrant Celebration of Culture and Unity

Today, New York City’s Fifth Avenue transformed into a vibrant sea of red, white, and blue as the Puerto Rican Day Parade made its annual march from 44th to 79th streets. This year’s parade, the largest and longest-running Latino parade in New York, was a spectacular display of cultural pride and community spirit. With 170 diverse groups and 70 elaborately decorated floats, the parade echoed with lively music, spirited dance, and the joyful cheers of thousands of attendees. Sal Media was on the scene, capturing the exuberant energy and colorful festivities through the lenses of our photographers, 

Sal Sayed


Chia-Ta Tsai


Mayor Eric Adams graced the parade with his presence, bringing his characteristic enthusiasm and support for the city’s diverse communities. As he walked alongside the parade route, Mayor Adams greeted spectators, often stopping to take selfies and shake hands. His presence underscored the city’s commitment to celebrating its rich cultural tapestry and supporting the vibrant Puerto Rican community. Mayor Adams’ words of solidarity and pride resonated with the crowd, highlighting the importance of unity and cultural appreciation in the city’s fabric. Governor Kathy Hochul also attended the parade, emphasizing her administration’s dedication to uplifting and empowering Latino communities across New York State.

Governor Hochul’s address to the parade-goers was met with loud applause as she acknowledged the significant contributions of Puerto Ricans to the state’s history and ongoing development. Her participation in the parade was a testament to her commitment to diversity and inclusion, reinforcing the importance of recognizing and celebrating the cultural heritage that shapes the state. Senator Chuck Schumer, a familiar face at the parade, brought his trademark energy and advocacy to the event.

Senator Schumer | Photograph By: Chia-Ta Tsai

Senator Schumer’s passionate speech highlighted the legislative efforts being made to support Puerto Rican communities, both in New York and on the island. His words of encouragement and promises of continued support were met with cheers from the crowd. Senator Schumer’s presence at the parade served as a reminder of the political advocacy necessary to address the needs and aspirations of the Puerto Rican population.

Miguel Guadalupe, vice chair of the board of directors for the nonprofit organization that orchestrates the parade, was also in attendance. His dedication and hard work behind the scenes ensured that the parade was a resounding success. Speaking with Sal Media, Guadalupe expressed his gratitude to all participants and spectators, emphasizing the importance of such events in fostering community spirit and cultural pride.

As the parade made its way up Fifth Avenue, Sal and Chia-Ta Tsai captured the essence of the celebration in a series of stunning photographs. The vibrant costumes, lively performances, and the sheer joy of the attendees painted a vivid picture of a community united in celebration. The Puerto Rican Day Parade 2024 was not just an event; it was a testament to the enduring spirit and cultural richness of the Puerto Rican people in New York City.

Sal Media is proud to have witnessed and documented this spectacular event, showcasing the heart and soul of the Puerto Rican Day Parade through our photography.

Memorable Parade Moments Captured by Sal Sayed
Beautiful Parade Moments Captured by Chia-Ta Tsai

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