Sal Media

Streaming Services

Live Onsite Video Production

Sal Media has a nationwide network of professionals and can provide experienced crews wherever your event may be located. Our resources know what they are doing when it comes to event streaming. From setting up the cameras where the best possible angles can be achieved to capturing important moments to taking care of everything else onsite related to streaming (power, internet, cable runs), we take the burden off of you.
We cater to any level of streaming that you are looking for. From just three cameras and one resource crew at the simplest end of the spectrum to a full-scale production with a production truck and dozens of resources/cameras on the other, we have your needs completely covered.

Remote Video Production

Do you have your own skilled crew and equipment to produce quality live videos? Or have a large tournament and want a consistent look and feel to your production? Sal Media’s remote video production service is exactly what you need to reduce the complexity of your on-premise setup, saving both time and cost while elevating the reliability of your overall stream significantly. Just set up the cameras and feed the video (single-switched or multiple-isolated) to our remote production studio, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Player Profile and Skills Showcase Video

We love creating these!! Make your skills stand out, and let us achieve your dream of playing at the next level by creating an impactful, high-quality video that highlights your unique abilities as a player.



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