Patrick Bertoletti and Miki Sudo Claim Victory at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest 2024

The annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, held on July 4th at Coney Island, once again captivated audiences with its display of gastronomic prowess. This year, the competition was fierce, but it was Patrick Bertoletti of Chicago and Miki Sudo who emerged victorious in the men’s and women’s contests, respectively.

In the men’s contest, Patrick Bertoletti, a seasoned competitive eater, showcased his remarkable ability to consume large quantities of hot dogs in a short period. Bertoletti, known for his strategic eating techniques and impressive stamina, managed to out-eat his competitors and clinch the title. His win marks a significant achievement in his competitive eating career, adding another prestigious accolade to his name.

On the women’s side, Miki Sudo continued to assert her dominance in the world of competitive eating. Sudo, a multiple-time champion, demonstrated her unmatched speed and efficiency, securing her victory with ease. Her performance was a testament to her dedication and skill, further solidifying her status as one of the top competitive eaters in the world.

The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest has long been a staple of July 4th celebrations, drawing large crowds and viewers from around the globe. This year’s event was no exception, with fans eagerly watching as contestants pushed the limits of their eating capabilities. The atmosphere was electric, with cheers and applause echoing through the crowd as Bertoletti and Sudo were crowned the champions.

Both winners expressed their gratitude and excitement following their victories. Bertoletti, reflecting on his achievement, felt honored to compete at such a high level and to come out on top, appreciating the support from fans and the competitive eating community. Sudo, equally thrilled, regarded her win as a culmination of hard work and dedication, feeling grateful for the opportunity to showcase her skills.

Adding to the vibrant atmosphere, Sal Media was on-site to capture every thrilling moment of the contest. Photographers Sal Sayed and Chia-Ta Tsai documented the event, ensuring that the excitement and intensity of the competition were beautifully preserved in their photographs.

The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest continues to be a highlight of the summer, celebrating the unique and entertaining sport of competitive eating. With Patrick Bertoletti and Miki Sudo’s impressive victories, this year’s contest will be remembered as one of the most exciting and memorable in the event’s storied history. As the champions bask in their well-deserved glory, fans eagerly anticipate next year’s competition and the chance to witness more record-breaking feats of eating prowess.

Photographed By Sal Sayed
Photographed By Chia-Ta Tsai

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